Dolphin-L1 Pipe-line Inspection Robot

Dolphin-M2 Pipe-line Inspection Robot

Wireless HD Periscope PEEK-2S


Convenient and Predictable Application

Inspection Service




Bominwell's explosive ordnance disposal robot Optimus, to our independent research and development of small and medium-sized high-performance heavy-duty crawler chassis-based platform,Through the integration of high sensitivity, high-definition cameras, wireless communications, electronic control, intelligent algorithms, waterproof, explosion-proof technology and other fields in a high-tech.


Dolphin-M1 multi-function pipe network robot is composed of three parts: CCTV pipeline robot, cable car and intelligent control terminal. It is the leading pipe network detection product in municipal pipeline inspection industry.

Inertial Navigation

The line of inertial surveying and mapping products include the two products of PipeNS01 and PipeNSI01. The inertial navigation module is integrated with high precision inertial surveying and mapping sensor, and it can be used as a mileage measuring auxiliary equipment. It can accurately map the track of underground pipeline without the need of GPS and other auxiliary positioning.

Sonar Detection

Sonar detection system is consists of sonar equipment, cable controller and control unit. With imported high precision sonar equipment from abroad, all kinds of defects can be accurately detected in the pipeline, and the detection data can be displayed in real time through the control unit.

Small Special Robot

We dedicated to the development of specialized robots to meet the needs of different costomers. And we offer professional services in urban public safety, underwater detection and industry intelligence management. Bominwell always has the excellence attitude to provide customers with special robotics industry. We believe "made in Shenzhen, made in China" will be presented to the international stage and we will continue to move forward for next goal.


Fire-fighting robot Poseidon using self-developed medium-sized high-performance heavy-duty crawler chassis. Christie + Matilda four wheel balanced suspension, 75% grounding ratio track, ensure Poseidon outstanding load performance. It can drag two fire hose to the target area. Poseidon can replace firefighters into flammable, toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous scene,, the maximum reduction of secondary disasters.


Spider is consists of spider equipment, cable controller and control unit. It can be used for complex piping enviroment such as curved sections, vertical pipeline, and parts with pipe branches.


As a Emergency Rescue Robot, Umbrella has powerful off-road capability. Thanks to its great damping track structure, it can move smooth, steady in high speed. Therefore loads on robot can work stability and lasting. Umbrella provides easy-to-use mechanical and electrical interface, developers can add third-part devices for it. We also provide extension modules for Umbrella. Adding our multifunctional manipulator, customer could use it for obstacle clearance, object grasping and so on.


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